Staff Augmentation

Liztek Consulting offers comprehensive Staff Augmentation services to empower organizations with top-tier talent and expertise. With a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, we provide flexible staffing solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs.

Our Approach

  • Customized Solutions:
    At Liztek, we understand that every organization has unique staffing requirements. Our approach is centered around delivering customized solutions that align with your specific business objectives and culture.

  • Talent Acquisition:
    Leveraging our extensive network and rigorous screening processes, we identify and recruit top-tier professionals with the skills and experience to excel in your organization.

  • Seamless Integration:
    We ensure a seamless integration process for our augmented staff, providing onboarding support and ongoing mentorship to ensure they hit the ground running and contribute to your organization’s success from day one.

Key Offerings

  • Talent Sourcing and Recruitment: Leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise, we identify and recruit top-tier professionals across a wide range of disciplines and skill sets.
  • Flexible Staffing Solutions: Whether you need short-term contractors, long-term placements, or project-based teams, we offer flexible staffing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Onboarding and Training: We provide comprehensive onboarding and training programs to ensure that our augmented staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in your organization.
  • Ongoing Support and Mentorship: Our team provides ongoing support and mentorship to our augmented staff, helping them to continuously grow and develop their skills.
  • Performance Monitoring and Feedback: We monitor the performance of our augmented staff closely and provide regular feedback to ensure that they are meeting your expectations and contributing to your organization’s success.

Engagement Highlights

  • Successfully augmented staff for leading organizations across diverse industries, providing them with the talent and expertise they need to drive innovation and growth.
  • Provided short-term contractors for project-based initiatives, enabling organizations to scale their teams quickly and efficiently to meet tight deadlines and deliverables.
  • Placed long-term placements for critical roles, helping organizations to fill key positions and build high-performing teams that drive business results.
  • Offered ongoing support and mentorship to our augmented staff, helping them to integrate seamlessly into their new roles and contribute to their organization’s success.
  • Monitored the performance of our augmented staff closely and provided regular feedback to ensure that they were meeting our client’s expectations and delivering value to their organization.

Resource / Staff Augmentation

How Liztek Staff Augmenting Service is different?

  • We have highly qualified and experienced advisory and technical teams dedicated to helping organizations all around the world.
  • We can help you avoid the headaches of searching and recruiting new staff, and most importantly, reduce your training expenditures.
  • We can help you to improve your employees’ work management and efficiency.

Our Methodology

Manage Services
Customer hires us to manage specific tasks, handle operations or provide services for long term that is actually required to be done by the customers themselves.

Planned set of tasks or services to be ececuted over typically a short period of fixed time, withincertain cost, predefined scope and other limitations. Engagements are procured by request for quotations or tendering.instead of hiring permanent staff.

Staff Augmentation
Loaning qualified or skilled staff which are on our payroll to fill in the gaps that are found in the customer’s orgaization instead of hiring permanent staff.

When to choose Liztek for your staff augmentation needs

Your in-house IT team might need a hand, from time to time
You want to speed up the execution of your in-house projects
You need new skills that are missing in-house
You need in-house technical leadership to ensure new development is per design
You need to recruit people to your team quickly without a long recruitment process
You expect a short or mid-term engagement