Initial Consultation

During Initial consultation , Liztek cloud security assessment consulting service involves a number of steps, which may include:

  1. Understanding the Client’s Business and Cloud Environment: Liztek consultant should start by understanding the client’s business, the nature of its operations, and the cloud environment it uses.

    This involves understanding the cloud service models used, the cloud providers, the types of data and applications hosted in the cloud, and the regulatory and compliance requirements.

  2. Identifying Security Risks and Threats: Liztek consultant identify the security risks and threats that could affect the client’s cloud environment. This includes reviewing the client’s security policies, procedures, and controls, and assessing the effectiveness of their implementation.

  3. Evaluating the Current Security Controls: Liztek consultant evaluate the effectiveness of the client’s current security controls in mitigating the identified risks and threats. This involves reviewing the client’s security architecture, assessing the security posture of the cloud service providers, and reviewing the effectiveness of the client’s incident response and business continuity plans.


  1. Developing a Security Strategy: Based on the identified risks and threats, the consultant should develop a security strategy that outlines the necessary security controls and measures to mitigate those risks. This include identifying security gaps, recommending security improvements, and developing a security roadmap.

  2. Providing Recommendations and Reporting: Liztek consultant provide a detailed report that summarizes the findings of the assessment, identifies the risks and threats, and outlines the security strategy and recommendations. The report should also include a detailed action plan with timelines, responsibilities, and budget estimates for implementing the recommended security controls.

Overall, the initial consultation is a critical step in Liztek cloud security assessment consulting service as it helps the consultant to understand the client’s environment and develop a tailored security strategy that meets their specific security requirements.