Implementation and Testing of Data Warehouse

Once the data migration is complete, the next step Liztek consultants undertake is to implement the data warehouse architecture and perform thorough testing to ensure the data warehouse is functioning as expected by client.

In order to Implement a cloud data warehouse it involves several steps, understanding of business requirements , assessing business requirements, recommendation of cloud data warehouse and its selection, designing its architecture .

All above activities are performed in order to kick start the implementation process of cloud data warehouse

  1. Extracting, Transforming, and Loading Data: Liztek professional services team will extract, transform, and load (ETL) data into the data warehouse. This involves connecting to data sources, transforming the data to match the schema of the data warehouse, and loading it into the data warehouse.
  2. Testing the Data Warehouse: Once the data is loaded, the next step is to test the data warehouse to ensure that the data is accurate and that the data warehouse is performing as expected.

By following these steps, organizations can implement a cloud data warehouse that meets their data processing and analysis requirements through Liztek.