Designing the Data Warehouse Architecture

Designing a data warehouse architecture involves several key steps taken by Liztek consultants.

Liztek consultants adapts following approach:

  1. Define the business requirements: Before starting the design process, it is crucial to understand the business requirements and goals of the organization.

    Liztek consultants identifies the data sources, types of data to be stored, expected query performance, and reporting needs.

  2. Determine the data model: The next step is to determine the data model by Liztek consultants that will be used for the data warehouse.

    This involves identifying the entities and attributes that will be used to store the data, as well as the relationships between them.

  3. Select ETL tool: Liztek consultants uses ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool is used to extract data from the source systems, transform it into the desired format, and load it into the data warehouse.

    ETL tool is chosen based on the requirements of the organization.

  4. Select Database Platform: The database platform used to store the data in the data warehouse is another critical decision that must be made.

    The platform chosen will be able to handle the expected volume of data, provide high query performance, and be scalable.

  5. Define Data Access Layer: The data access layer is responsible for providing access to the data stored in the data warehouse. This layer includes tools for reporting, data visualization, and data analysis.

  6. Design the physical data model: The physical data model is the final design of the data warehouse, which includes the specific schema for the database and the storage configurations which is designed by Liztek consultants to follow

  7. Migrate & implement the data warehouse: After completing the design phase, the data warehouse must be implemented and data is to be migrated from old data warehouse.

    This involves setting up the database and ETL processes, loading the data, and testing the system.

    By following these steps, Liztek consultants design and implement an effective data warehouse architecture that meets the business requirements of the organization.