Data Strategy Consulting

Liztek Data strategy consulting involves helping organizations to develop a comprehensive plan to collect, analyze, and leverage data to achieve their business goals. This involves identifying key data sources, determining how to collect and store that data, approach to analyze the data to uncover insights and trends, and developing strategies to leverage those insights to drive business outcomes.

Liztek consultants undertakes following steps in data strategy consulting:

  1. Data Strategy Assessment: Liztek data strategy consulting approach is to clearly define the business requirement or opportunity that needs to be addressed. This could be anything from increasing revenue to reducing costs to improving customer satisfaction or getting more insight into data analytics

    Liztek consultants will assess the requirement to develop Data Strategy for an organization.

  2. Develop Data architecture & design:

    After assessing the business requirement, Liztek Consultants will identify relevant data sources that can support or help in order to address the requirement. This could include internal data sources such as sales data or customer data, as well as external data sources such as market data or social media data.

    Once the relevant data sources have been identified, the next step is to develop a data architecture that outlines how the data will be collected, stored, and analyzed.

    Liztek Consultants will work closely with IT teams to develop architecture and design either for new DW or for a particular requirement


  1. Data Analysis Approach : Once the data architecture is in place, Liztek consultants will analyze the data to uncover insights and trends. This will involve using data analysis tools or working with data scientists to address business requirement.

  2. Develop data-driven strategies: Based on the insights and trends uncovered through data analysis, the next step Liztek consultants will follow is to develop data-driven strategies to address the business requirement.

    This will include anything from launching a new product to optimizing pricing strategies to improving customer engagement etc.


  1. Data Strategy Governance and Management

    Data strategy governance and management are critical components of any organization’s overall data management framework. These practices help ensure that data is used effectively and efficiently, while also being protected and secured from security threats and complying regulatory requirements

  2. Implement and monitor: Finally, the data strategy must be implemented and monitored over time to ensure it is delivering the desired outcomes. This may involve working with stakeholders across the organization to ensure buy-in and support for the strategy.

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