Data Migration

Liztek professional services team initiated the Migration of data from an old data warehouse to a new cloud data warehouse.

This involves several key steps. Here’s an overview of the process which is followed :

  1. Define Data Migration strategy: Once the existing data warehouse is assessed, Liztek professional services team defines a data migration strategy.

    This includes deciding on the scope of the migration, the approach to data mapping and transformation, and the data transfer method.

  2. Plan Data for migration: The next step followed by Liztek Professional Services team is to prepare the data for migration. This involves extracting the data from the existing data warehouse, cleaning and transforming it as necessary, and converting it to a format that is compatible with the new cloud data warehouse.

  3. Migrate the data: The actual data migration process involves transferring the data from the old data warehouse to the new cloud data warehouse. This can be done using a variety of methods, including batch processing, real-time replication, or a combination of both.

  4. Validate the migrated data: Once the data has been migrated, Liztek professional services team validates it to ensure that it has been transferred correctly and accurately. This involves comparing the data in the new cloud data warehouse to the original data in the old data warehouse to ensure that there are no discrepancies or missing data.

  5. Optimize the new data warehouse: After the data has been migrated and validated, it’s important to optimize the new cloud data warehouse. This involves configuring the data warehouse for optimal performance, setting up security and access controls, and establishing data governance policies.

  6. Test the new data warehouse: Finally, the new cloud data warehouse is tested by Liztek professional services team to ensure that it is functioning as expected. This involves running test queries and data analytics to ensure that the data is accessible and accurate.

Overall, data migration from an old data warehouse to a new cloud data warehouse can be a complex process, but by following these steps, Liztek professional services team ensures that the migration is successful and that the new data warehouse is ready for use.