Clous Strategy & Assessment

Liztek consultants typically follow in cloud strategy consulting and assessment in cloud adoption services:

  1. Understand the client’s business and IT objectives: Liztek consultants start by understanding the client’s business and IT objectives. This includes understanding the client’s current IT infrastructure, business processes, and pain points.
  2. Determine cloud readiness: Consultants then assess the client’s current IT infrastructure and applications to determine their readiness for cloud adoption. This includes assessing the client’s data center, network, security, and applications.
  3. Define the cloud strategy: Based on the client’s business and IT objectives and the assessment of cloud readiness, liztek consultants define a cloud strategy that outlines how the client can move to the cloud. This includes determining which applications can be migrated to the cloud, which cloud deployment models are suitable, and what cloud service providers to use.
  4. Develop a migration plan: Liztek consultants then develop a migration plan that outlines the steps required to move the client’s applications to the cloud. This includes identifying the resources and timelines required for the migration and addressing any potential issues or risks.
  5. Define cloud governance and management: Liztek consultants also help clients define cloud governance and management policies that ensure compliance with regulations and policies. This includes defining roles and responsibilities, creating cloud service-level agreements, and implementing cloud monitoring and management tools.
  6. Implement the cloud solution: Liztek consultants help clients implement the cloud solution, which includes setting up the cloud environment, migrating the applications to the cloud, and configuring the cloud infrastructure.
  7. Provide ongoing support: Finally, consultants provide ongoing support to clients, which includes monitoring the cloud environment, addressing issues, and providing recommendations for optimization and cost reduction.

Overall, cloud strategy consulting and assessment in cloud adoption services is a comprehensive process that requires expertise in cloud technology, IT infrastructure, and business processes.