Cloud Infrastructure & Design

Consulting firms typically follow a structured approach to offer cloud infrastructure and design in cloud adoption consulting services. The following steps are taken by liztek consultants after assessment and application analysyis:

  1. Architecture design: The consulting firm will then design the cloud infrastructure that will support the client’s IT requirements. This will involve designing the network architecture, storage architecture, security architecture, and other key components of the cloud infrastructure.
  2. Implementation: The consulting firm will work with the client to implement the cloud infrastructure design. This will involve setting up the cloud infrastructure, configuring it to the client’s requirements, and migrating the client’s data and applications to the cloud.
  3. Testing and optimization: Once the cloud infrastructure is implemented, the consulting firm will test it to ensure that it meets the client’s requirements. They will then optimize the infrastructure to ensure that it is running efficiently and effectively.
  4. Training and support: Finally, the consulting firm will provide training to the client’s IT staff on how to use and maintain the cloud infrastructure. They will also provide ongoing support to ensure that the cloud infrastructure continues to meet the client’s needs.