About Liztek

We are Canadian based Data and Tech company, providing professional services and support to assist you in transformation of your organizational data to assist you to become into a data-driven organization.

Our Vale Proposition

Our professional services help you to gain a competitive advantage, enhance operational efficiency, improve data quality, and help in informed /better decision making. We also help you succeed in delivering complex and complicated deliverables by deputing our experienced technology experts and help you in technological, architectural, data and analytics advisory / transformation.

Better Decision making
With our Data Ops, Data Transformation and Data Visualization services, you can make informed and better decisions.

Enhances Compliance and mitigate Risks
Transformed data helps you avoid compliance and financial risks, decreases computational loads on your systems, and simplifies the work of analysts significantly.

Improved Data Management
We process and organize your data in a structured manner so your analysts and data users can have access to data in near to real time with an assurance that data being used for analysis is accurate and is accessible at the lowest granularity

Greater Efficiency in Data Storage & Processing
You can get your hands on the information without spending excessive amounts for hours searching through various sources, missing crucial details along the journey to find what’s needed when seconds count.

Improved Data Quality
We identify and fix data quality issues before they impact the decision-making process. Properly formatted and validated data can enhance data quality and protect applications from potential landmines such as null values or unexpected duplicates. Transformation helps make your life easier by fixing issues like missing values and other inconsistencies.

Why work with Liztek

We understand the critical role of data analytics, and we have been in the trenches with some of the largest brands in telecom, insurance, retail, banking and financial services helping them harness the power of their data.

Better Decision making
With our Data Ops, Data Transformation and Data Visualization services, you can make informed and better decisions.

Meaningful Insights
We ingest data from disparate sources and transform it into actionable analysis to provide Meaningful Insights.

Integrated Data Collection and Reporting
We automate your data collection and reporting using Power Apps and Power Automate, providing an automated and integrated solution to your problem.

End-Customer Data Solutions
Our clients are provided with customized and meaningful reports, thus ensuring that your reporting needs are met.

Optimized Data Platform Architecture
Your operational processes are configured for consistent and timely delivery of BI reports.

Streamlined Operations
It is ensured that demand is always met with reporting on throughput, bottlenecks, inventory, scrap, production, distribution, intake time, turn-around time and continuous technical delivery platform ensuring quality.

On-Time Delivery
Our qualitative and on tome delivery model completes the BI projects on time and on budget with our technical advisory and leadership though process.

Your Own Analytics Expertise
We volve your analytics solutions to a self-serve environment, with end user training and one-on-one mentoring enhancing usability and applicability of reports

Our values

We live and breathe our values, they drive us and make us better, every day. Our value framework is comprised of following pillars

We Care
We have the highest priority to exceed your expectations. We believe in customer satisfaction and customer care is one pillar of our framework which exceed every other priority.

We Deliver
We are committed and have delivered all our projects initiatives within committed timelines and with quality delivery. Our experienced resources will define milestones and deliverables with thoughtful strategic and operational leadership.

We Enhance
We ensure that whether the scope is related to strategic or operational, we will ensure value addition highlight areas of process and system improvements and also sharing industry best practices.

We Value
We always value our clients and our commitment to clients is understanding their business perspective and deliver to help achieve their business and operational goals.